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Hi, I’m James McGough. I’d like to tell you about the body weight transformation that I’ve gone through during my life. This information can help you with your own weight control problems.

I grew up in a large Irish Catholic family with ten brothers and sisters; four brothers, six sisters. Competition around the dinner table was fierce so it helped to be on time for supper. Usually, there was enough to eat but I developed a bad habit of snacking on bread between meals. These bad habits continued throughout most of my life, until recently.

Years later I realized that eating bread was a major contributor to my weight gain. Addiction to bread, an acid reflux problem, and feeling bloated, were recurring problems. This habit ‘grew’ my body weight from an optimal 150 lbs. to close to 200 lbs. and I stand only 5’-6” tall so I was uncomfortable most of my life.

Recently, I have accepted the fact that my bread eating habit was the source of my weight gain. Digestive irritation, poor sleep cycles, and overeating were problems. My eating habits were not normal.

Years ago, one of my many jobs was working as a short-order cook in a fancy restaurant. You could have anything you wanted for dinner, within reason. My selections were either a cheeseburger or a pastrami sandwich. But, an unforgettable co-worker always created an interesting salad. He included every conceivable vegetable, fruit, and nut combination imaginable. They were often topped with hard boiled eggs and beans for added protein.

He was much healthier than me, had great skin tone, and was always in a good mood. Over the course of the year working together, I gained weight and an unhealthy lifestyle. Years of eating hamburgers made me realize that a salad diet is better. I have now switched to the salad type of diet and discontinued eating bread.

It’s been a hard habit to overcome but I have achieved tremendous results dropping my weight from 198 lbs. to 163 lbs. during the last six months. I’m light on my feet again and approaching “dream body” weight. I now weigh what I was on my wedding day at peak health 27 years ago. My wife is happy I adjusted my eating habits and wants me to stay at this weight. It feels like I could continue to drop even more weight, without extensive exercise. So, my weight loss is not dependent upon a workout regimen.

The problem is that I should have done this years ago. I am now 63 years old, nearing retirement. I could have been practicing this healthy lifestyle during the past 20 years. This is what I’ll be encouraging and teaching you how to do. We all lead busy lives, and our bodies go through weight gain and loss phases. But I wish I knew what I know now back when I was in my forties. This is the information I’ll be providing to you.

I live an active life as a gardener and landscaper around our home. Part of my exercise is from this activity and the rest comes from taking daily walks with my dog. Lifestyle changes have made a difference for me. I will continue to share my experiences with you in areas that can improve your well-being.

Look for active posts and blog updates reviewing controversial health and fitness issues. We’ll sort out fact and fiction about what is sensible and what works best. For people seeking better weight control and healthy living, this site is for you.